What are HPL Kitchens ?

The word HPL is an abbreviation for High Pressure Laminate, which is manufactured by the best companies exporting raw materials around the world, the Turkish company ASD. Kitchens are manufactured from wood fibers soaked in melanin resin at tremendous temperature and pressure, so that the temperature exceeds 130 degrees Celsius and the pressure does not decrease. About 5 MPa, in addition to the fact that the water pressure used in making HPL wood panels reaches 1 MPa at a depth of 100 meters below sea level, so that the panels used in designing HPL kitchens are strong and capable of daily use.

Once the manufacture of the HPL panels is completed, the chemical treatment begins, then a transparent layer of protection is placed on the basic HPL material, followed by a color layer, then another protection layer, so that the HPL panels become durable and less responsive to shocks and scratches.

HPL technical specifications for kitchens

1- Scratch resistant with a modulus of up to 3.7 Newtons

2-  Class 4 crack resistance

3- The third classification is for products that are heat-resistant up to 180 degrees, and the fourth classification is for

products that are heat-resistant up to 100 degrees.

4- Surface resistance to water vapor up to the fourth degree

5- In order to improve the quality of the products provided by the manufacturer, standard tests were conducted for the product, which made it obtain several international certificates, including GreenGaurd and GreenLabel, in addition to the most important certificate, FSC.

Easy to clean, all you have to do is pass a sponge over the surface to get a clean and shiny surface Against fingerprints, it does not form any bad traces of fingerprints like some other products, which preserves its outer surface with its clean appearance without the need for frequent cleaning. A distinctive texture that always makes you happy Scratch resistant. It is characterized by high scratch resistance, which makes it the ideal choice for use in cases that require highly scratch-resistant surfaces. A surface suitable for food. If you are one of those who are looking for the healthiest products for you and your family members, then HPL is your ideal choice. There is no longer any need to fear unhealthy products. The product is healthy in the first place. Its surface has been treated against bacteria in order to preserve the food and the health of all family members.

Waterproof, due to the multiple uses of the product, especially in kitchens, it was necessary to treat the HPL well to be resistant to water and moisture and thus completely prevent the formation of fungi and insects. Healthy, the product is 99% resistant to bacteria, so do not worry about the health of your children and all family members from today

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